Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk

The only objection to this piece is that it is “crony Corporatism” not capitalism.   The capilalist is the one that is creating the jobs and supporting the no so “Federal” Reserve.

END the FED.

Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk.


Where Libertarians Go Wrong on Immigration

There is no such thing as a right to enter any country one chooses, no more than there is a right to trespass on the personal property of one’s neighbor, or enter his house uninvited. The Founders understood this. Why do libertarians ignore it?

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John Boehner: Immigration work not dead

These are the tactics that “We the People” have got to start using.  This nonsense that we don’t want to bother someone at their home or business has to end, TODAY!

His comments came as pro-reform protesters flooded his personal office, set on delivering a turkey and a bottle of Merlot wine to mark the work that immigrants do to harvest food. Activists have ramped up the pressure on Boehner in recent days — accosting him at his favorite breakfast joint, Pete’s Diner, and going to his home at dawn earlier this week for a protest.

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Your View: NDAA sections threaten freedom

The excuses that the city attorney gave are based on what?  The threat of losing funds?  These so-called “admiralty” lawyers have got to go.  Common Law Grand Jury reemergence will solve a lot of these issues.  Especially when it is the Tyrannical Government that looms its ugly head.



The most revealing reason they refused to act was the warning by the city’s attorney that the federal government has a way of seeking retribution against cities and counties that oppose their will, which in all reality further validates the argument for the resolution.

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Policy Ends Deportation of Troops’ Families

As a Marine Corp Veteran, I find this policy appalling.  First and foremost, why are we allowing “foreign invaders” to serve in OUR MILITARY?  Secondly,




The same goes for veterans “who have served and sacrificed for our nation, ” the policy states.

The bottom line for these families is that a spouse, child or parent determined to be illegal will be allowed to “parole in place” while they apply for legal residency and citizenship.

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Common Core Proponent Arne Duncan–Keep Poking the Suburban Mom Bears!

“White suburban moms…” Why did we take it down to the lowest common denominator? Why is it about white versus other colors? Because white people are upset? Only white people? And apparently only white, fairly affluent, moms? No, Arne, there’s where you’re wrong. I know, first hand, concerned citizens that are every shade of the rainbow who are against the Common Core. And they’re not all moms. There are many, many dads who are fed up with this radical education reform too.

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