CARSON: Why did the founders give us the Second Amendment?

Our country is embroiled in an argument about the significance of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which was a component of the Bill of Rights, guaranteeing the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Why was this right important enough to become a part of the United States Constitution?

Obviously, it was felt that people had the right to protect themselves and their property, as has been the case with civilizations throughout the history of mankind. The method of protection and the types of arms used to achieve it has varied with technological advances. Some people prefer to focus on the intent of the Second Amendment, rather than the weapons themselves. Others feel that the biggest problem is the increasing potency of the weapons that can legally be used by virtually anyone. Others find different reasons to either support or argue for different interpretations of the amendment.

via CARSON: Why did the founders give us the Second Amendment? – Washington Times.


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