Stop the anarchy in NYC — Stop all tourism to NYC

Stop the anarchy in NYC
Stop all tourism to NYC
 If NYC is allowed to proceed with this de facto amnesty it will represent anarchy/revolution perpetrated by the new very extremely radical Mayor of NYC.
As we all know Immigration laws are controlled by the Federal Government as written by the peoples representatives in Congress and enforced by the Presidents executive branch and the justice department and all Federal Laws authorized by the Constitution to the Federal Gov’t should be enforced by all law enforcement agencies at the local, County and State levels. Unfortunately most of the country does not understand that, including all 9 justices on the Supreme Court.
As per Congress, the only Government agency that can issue any documentation to an illegal alien, ie. foreign invader,  is the Federal Government.   What the Mayor is doing is treasonous and a blatant act of anarchy. Yes, this has been taking place for years in this Nation in cities and towns across the land including your home state of CA but at some point in time we must draw a line in the sand and meet this act of treason with a quick and decisive response . If left unchallenged, this will surely lead to the crumbling of our Constitutional foundations.
Patriotic conservatives are currently waging a battle with the liberal Republicans in the House to prevent amnesty legislation from being passed. There have been recent indications that the Speaker of the House Boehner may not attempt to push through an amnesty.
This anarchy must be responded to immediately.
A tourist boycott of NYC, affecting Broadway, hotels and restaurants , would absolutely force the Mayor of NYC to reverse his decision.
The question is would the ‘sheeple” of America realize the consequence of this anarchy in our countries #1 city and would they respond by cancelling all trips to NYC.

 America, save our Republic by canceling your travel plans to NYC.

Ron Bass
United Patriots of America
Founded in 2001 in response to 911

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