Citizen Warrior: “We Can’t Go to War With 1.3 Billion Muslims!”

There are some REAL COMMON SENSE statements here that “We the People” had better wake-up too!

Citizen Warrior: “We Can’t Go to War With 1.3 Billion Muslims!”.


Persecution of American Christians » Eagle Rising

The progressive members of the elite society that has control of most of the US educational and political landscape has morphed into a Christian hating group of bigots.

Don’t buy the kool-aid and you won’t have to drink it!

Persecution of American Christians » Eagle Rising.

Is Europe Cracking Up?

It appears the Nationalism is erupting in European Nations and will soon forge a fight against the rise of islam.

“The National Front has arrived as a major independent force — a political force both at the national and local levels,” declared Le Pen.

No one is arguing the point. Indeed, a measure of panic has set in for the socialist party of Francois Hollande, which is calling on all parties to unite against FN candidates.


Is Europe Cracking Up? – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website.

Ann Coulter: Still Full of It

Anyone that believes the election happens on election night is bathed in the proverbial kool-aid.  The real election happens at the level of the local party who determines the best, in our case, Conservative, candidate.  As a local committeeman myself, I am sickened by the politics that allow the seating elected to enjoy no primary.  As if that elected is so immune to a real look at their record.  I often hear “we need to keep the seat”, “he/she is so electable”, “they have plenty of money”….  It goes on forever.

These so-called “Conservative” media types are only entrepreneurs, caring only about their stash.

THIS is why “WE the PEOPLE” must engage the politicos in their arena.  Once we have defeated them, then, we can elect TRULY CONSERVATIVE Candidates.

Ann Coulter: Still Full of It |