Ann Coulter: Still Full of It

Anyone that believes the election happens on election night is bathed in the proverbial kool-aid.  The real election happens at the level of the local party who determines the best, in our case, Conservative, candidate.  As a local committeeman myself, I am sickened by the politics that allow the seating elected to enjoy no primary.  As if that elected is so immune to a real look at their record.  I often hear “we need to keep the seat”, “he/she is so electable”, “they have plenty of money”….  It goes on forever.

These so-called “Conservative” media types are only entrepreneurs, caring only about their stash.

THIS is why “WE the PEOPLE” must engage the politicos in their arena.  Once we have defeated them, then, we can elect TRULY CONSERVATIVE Candidates.

Ann Coulter: Still Full of It |



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