Why Bankers that Use HFT Algorithms Literally Impede Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

Kim states this so eloquently that anything I add would not matter.  See this passage from his pieve,

The bankers’ ability to keep people believing in their counterfeit fiat currencies is what creates over 1 billion food-insecure people in the world today, causes millions to lose their home, creates a vacuum in new job creation, and perpetuates the terrorism that springs forth from abject poverty. Everyone in the world would be a thousand times better off with monetary competition in this world and the ability to choose real money over counterfeit fiat currencies as their method to store value over time. And this is why the critical connection between HFT algorithmic trading and the bankers’ success in keeping gold and silver prices so undervalued today (versus their free market prices) is what literally puts the fear of God in bankers today. If bankers were deprived of their right to use HFT algorithms to suppress gold and silver prices as they did again just last week on April 15th, then everyone would wake up from their stupor, realize that the pot is already boiling, and jump up instead of cooking slowly to death. But as long as the Western banking cartel can suppress the price of real money – physical gold and physical silver – they will subject everyone to boiling frog syndrome and a slow, painful economic death. For those that believe that it is ridiculous to think that the US dollar will collapse, if you consider an 80% or greater, devaluation of an asset a collapse, I explain here that the US dollar has already collapsed. Furthermore, as I explained above, it is also literally why this connection severely impedes the right of every person in this world to pursue the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.




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