Understanding Common Law . . . is not so difficult, and may be critical! ~J

Common Law Grand Jury is our way out of the matrix. Look it up in your state — http://nationallibertyalliance.org/. Great post.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Please spend some time with these videos . . . and share your thoughts! ~J

Thanks to G.

Find below some superb videos that not only demonstrate Common Law in action with Police Scotland, but also a very easy to follow presentation lecture with slides explaining how the Statute system actually functions.  

The videos should demonstrate how simple the process is and how the “corporate” Statute system functions against us.  These three videos have now tested on various people who didn’t know about “sovereign rights” and they walked away astounded at how duped they had been under the legal fiction (birth certificate).

The first two videos taking on the Police in Glasgow are hilarious, especially when “John, son of David: of the family Burns” requests to be called “Sir” by the Constable.  The cops had no chance of acting as “Police Officers” with this guy.  Turns out they operate a…

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