Another Reason To Worry About The Stock Market

Pay down your debt before the crash.


Another Reason To Worry About The Stock Market.


PM Delivery Services Scam

Same card different address, phone number and tracking number. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM.

CGA in a VGA World.

This one in particular pissed me off. I have a fairly finely tuned bullshit filter from years of the IT trenches and this one got past me. I am expecting packages, one of them is late. I open my mailbox (snailmail) and I see what appears to be a postcard from a delivery service I’ve never heard of saying they’re holding one of my packages. Figuring it’s some quirk of amazon’s craptastic marketplace I do what anyone else would do and I call them.

I’m glad I used google voice, I’ll put it that way.

Their operators have a slick script where they have to “verify” the package number, they have to verify your name and address. The package “is a large box, is this what you were expecting?” Give them your information to confirm who you are and they change from being a package delivery service to telling you…

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