China’s AIIB To Radically Change The World Competing Against Rothschild’s IMF.

A well drafted take on the end of the petro dollar and its world acceptance as we know it or should I say don’t know it. We Americans use dollars and are only subjected to price increases as our dollar weakens. Coming soon to a town near you, INFLATION.

Political Vel Craft

Declining Value Of Rothschild's Dollar Rothschild’s Keynesian Dollar

Gerald Celente:

“Look at what’s happening with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Of course when the United Kingdom said they were going to join it, there was a lot of pressure from the United States for them not to join it and yet they did anyway. There are now 35 initial members and it’s ready to launch….

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The Betrayal Papers, Part IV of V: A New Genocide

The Betrayal Papers explain the history and context of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in the American government.  WAKE UP AMERICA!

The Betrayal Papers, Part IV of V: A New Genocide.

The Betrayal Papers – Part I of V – Under Obama: The U.S. Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood

Here we have the beginning of a series of well-written betrayals of America by the current administration and their minions.

The Radio Patriot

The Betrayal Papers – Part I of V – Under Obama: The U.S. Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Control of US Govt

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes: Andrea Shea KingDr. Ashraf RamelahBenjamin SmithBrent ParrishCharles Ortel, Chris Nethery, Denise SimonDick ManasseriGary KubiakGates of ViennaIQ al RassooliJeff BayardLeslie BurtMarcus Kohan, Mary Fanning, General Paul E. VallelyRegina ThomsonScott SmithTerresa Monroe-HamiltonColonel Thomas SnodgrassTrever LoudonWallace Bruschweiler, and William Palumbo

The Betrayal Paperswill trace the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration’s foreign and domestic policies.  The five-part series will present a picture of a conspiracy that is manipulating the American government to the benefit of a totalitarian, genocidal…

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